Throughout my career, I've inspired and helped people
to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Growth happens when we cross the boundaries of our comfort zone.

Whether you are a business, conference or association,
let's chat to see how we can work together.

"Stretch your mind, stretch your world."

I help people become more adaptive and thrive in change. That's why organizations hire me.

My most common topics are:

  • Stretch for change: from FEAR to DARE
  • The democratization of leadership
  • Psychological Safety: how to build a powerful culture
  • How to turn teams into agents of change
  • Fighting the Enemies of Innovation


I help ignite and accelerate change.

My purpose is to transform the audience not just inspire them. That's the best return on investment for both event organizers and attendees.


Depending on your audience and goals, I can provide both keynote and workshops.

My promise to you is this: I will deliver real impact. And provoke new mindsets and behaviors that will change participants' lives beyond your conference.


I create change, not just talk about it.

Driving change requires transforming behaviors, not just inspiring the audience. That's my approach.

Our workshops and keynotes get people and teams unstuck. We help solve the root problem rather than the symptoms.

Our framework Stretch for Change lies at the intersection of self-improvement and innovation. It builds on the principles of Design Thinking, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Social Psychology.

Both our keynotes and workshops are highly interactive and promote audience participation.


I would love to help you achieve your goals.

What are your needs for your conference or upcoming event? Please let us know. Fill out this quick form.



Guillaume Alvarez

Senior VP, Europe & Asia-  Steelcase
Razzetti delivered a very passionate and inspiring speech to our teams highlighting how important it is to prepare ourselves, stretch our mind & mindset and start our own “change” revolution! Our teams had a blast and were very moved and energized. Gustavo nailed it perfectly and unlocked “the change agent” gene within each of our employees!

Prof. Shimon Amar

President of Ohalo College of Education, Israel
Gustavo gave an inspiring and motivating lecture at the International Conference on Innovative Education 2017 in Israel. His message and insights about the power of adaptability in education were very important and meaningful to our audience. He greatly contributed to the success of our conference. Gustavo's approach has already caused educators to start leading changes in their organizations.

Rebecca Reid

Global Account Executive, Chicago Executives Club
Gustavo and his team were AWESOME!!  We have gotten such great feedback from our staff and thoroughly enjoyed all of the group activities. It turned our company retreat into a transformational experience.

Bonnie Schifrin

Director of Membership, Chicago Ideas 
Gustavo Razzetti and team led several engaging, eye-opening workshops for Chicago Ideas over the past years. Their highly engaging and interactive workshops are always sold out.

Sergio Fernandez

Chief Strategy Office, The Alumni Society
Gustavo's session was a gamechanger. We are still talking about the positive impact that created in our team.