Top 2017 Posts

I published over one hundred posts in 2017. Here’s a selection of the top 12, one per month, based on the number of readers and likes. In case you missed some.

Thanks for your support. For a fantastic 2018!!!

Gustavo Razzetti

Founder & CEO, Liberationist, Behavior Change

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12. How to Stop Playing The Victim in Your Life

When things don’t go our way, we blame others. Self-pity is an easy way out. Life is not fair. It’s not unfair either. Life just is. Realizing that will help you become in charge of your life. — December

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11. This Is Why You Are Afraid of Being Happy

Happiness is a mental state that we desire and fear at the same time. Even if we don’t realize it. Our pursue of happiness can have the opposite effect. And what to do about it. — November

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10. How Unwritten Rules Shape Your Culture, Unlike Your Vision

Leaders are so obsessed to define the organization’s culture that they forget to understand the power of unwritten rules. And why people know better. — October

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9. What If No One Could Ever Get Fired?

This post is not advocating for job security, but for a healthy and safe work environment. A toxic workplace is why top performers quit. — September

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8. Why Doing The Dishes Will Make You More Appreciative

Learn to meditate while doing ordinary thing. Creativity and happiness are byproducts of doing our chores with care and appreciation. — August

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7. Why Changing Your Pace Will Make You More Interesting

It’s not about moving faster or slower, but challenging your own speed to see things differently. — July

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6. Stop Chasing Alignment, Homogeneous Cultures Are a Myth

Alignment is a mirage. Lead in spite of opposition, not avoiding it. — June

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5. A Simple Exercise That Will Unstuck Your Team Immediately

The fastest way to reignite passion: remove meaningless tasks from your team (and how to do it). — May

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4. Why Fifty Is The New Age for Launching a Startup

“ If I don’t do it now, when?” — I asked 9 months ago. And I quit my corporate job to launch Liberationist at age 50. — April

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3. Design Thinking Is Not a Silver Bullet. Sorry.

Innovation needs more than just a process. How to develop a new mindset. — March

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2. Why Misfits Are the Best for Innovation

The secret to building successful innovation teams (borrowing from Hollywood). — February

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1. Stop Solving the Wrong Problem

The risk of focusing on urgent/short-term needs fixes. Stop attacking symptoms and solve problems that matter. — January

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