Stretch out of your comfort zone. Join Gustavo on a journey of self-discovery, adaptability, and experimentation, to overcome resistance and drive change. Change Instigator. Transformation Speaker. Author.

When you stretch your mind,you stretch the world around you.

Discover how to thrivein our unpredictable world.

Charles Adler

Co-founder Kickstarter
Stretch for Change is a critical read for any leader to understand the tapestry of our changing times. Culture, enabled by a multitude of technologies has the ability to constantly morph. Stretch for Change provides a compelling regimen to respond to that constantly and vibrant change.

David Jones

Founder and CEO You & Mr. Jones, Founder One Young World
The pace of change is accelerating. And our ability to adapt, lead and thrive in change will determine our future success. Gustavo's book Stretch for Change, offers more than just an approach; it provides a roadmap, actionable tips and exercises to help you get fit for change and to ensure you don't just survive, but that you thrive!

Abigail Posner

Head of Strategy, Google
Change is, and has always been, part of the human dynamic. Without it we can't grow, learn, progress and create. And it's happening at much greater speed than ever before. We can choose to fight it or choose to embrace it. "Stretch for Change" is a unique, powerful and highly engaging approach to accepting and leveraging change. This book not only lessens our fears of it but gives us the tools to truly harness it for greater productivity and success in the workplace and out of it.

Ron Capshaw

IndieReader Review
5 STARS - Verdict: Unlike other books of this type (ie inspirational), Razzetti eschews New Age Zen and instead offers practical advice of how to deal with life in our pinball-like age

Rosa Frei

GoodReads Morocco Top Reviewers, Photographer
The invitation of the book 'Stretch for Change' by Gustavo Razzetti is to take ownership of one's life and actions. Instead of avoiding obstacles, turn them into a challenge, an opportunity to learn and grow.

Jonathan Raymond

Author, Good Authority
Keep it simple and build on each small success. Stretch for Change is a great resource to keep us moving in the right direction -- filled with endless excuse-busters for those inevitable moments when we fall back into our comfort zone.

Mandy Burrel Booth

Chair of the Board Public Narrative
Gustavo has a passion for helping people learn to become agents of their own futures in an ever-changing world we cannot control. His belief that we not only can but must become change-fit--to better ourselves and the world around us--is contagious.

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